People moving away from Big Cities – Working Remote is the new normal

Through any life crisis comes insight into what is important to us, what we no longer need and what we want for the future; the same applies to business and our careers. Cities are unaffordable for many, for several reasons, such as exorbitant cost of living (Rent, food, transportation, miscellaneous expenses), high local and state taxes. To add fuel to the fire the COVID pandemic is forcing us to rethink and reprioritize our needs.

It is prudent to look for alternatives – for health and economic safety by cutting living costs and taxes.  Across USA city migration patterns have changed since the new normal, namely ”Working Remote” model is in effect. New data shows that net arrivals are down in large metro areas such as New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Portland from April through August of this year, versus a year earlier.

Migration from big cities is creating opportunities for smaller cities such as Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Missouri, have seen the biggest growth in net arrivals over the same period. City migration patterns amid the pandemic found that smaller metro areas are gaining; some famous big cities are slipping and hints of de-urbanization seen across the country.

Net arrivals in two giant metro areas — New York City and San Francisco — have fallen more than 20% from April through August of this year, versus a year earlier. In both cases, departures significantly exceeded new arrivals. Net arrivals are down about 10% in Seattle, Boston and Portland, Ore., as well.  Everyone leaving a metro area is creating opportunities for a number of smaller cities.

Working remote is the new normal.

Remote working is here to stay and will more than ever become an integral part of the way we work. Now is the time for companies to prepare for this ‘back to the new normal’. As you prepare for the new normal and realize that people can be as productive at home as they are at work, why not consider a long-term remote working plan? 

Intellisys works from a Remote Center

Intellisys, an Illinois company, is a global provider of BPO services and solutions. Intellisys has a State-of-the-Art ISO 9001:2015 / 27001:2013 certified delivery center in Chennai, India. Over the past 23 years, Intellisys has been working with Real estate companies across asset class providing qualified and experienced Property/Fund/Asset Accountants who are Domain Experts.

Our services can offer significant benefits

  • Reduce operational costs between 40% – 50%
  • Extensive use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools which allow cutting time and costs significantly
  • Flexibility (Accordion Model – Increase and decrease team size at a very short notice)
  • Can assign large teams of real estate domain experts at a very short notice
  • Fixed Fees – No hidden charges
  • Multilingual Staff (English, Spanish and French)
  • Ad-hoc projects (such as Audits, Seasonal demands)
  • Assist re-purpose existing staff
  • Motivate the existing staff and offer them upward mobility
  • Assist to streamline operations