Thanks to Our Cost-Effective Solutions, Intellisys Gets a 5-Star Review on Clutch

Software development outsourcing and augmentation can help you alleviate the work and pressure on your in-house team. Also, you can save time and money as well as access greater scalability. We at Intellisys Technology let you take advantage of these benefits whatever your software development project is.

To prove that software development outsourcing and augmentation work, we take a recap of our first review on Clutch, a B2B reviews website.

Intellisys Helps a Healthcare Wholesaler

EBRM, a healthcare wholesaler, had a major restructuring project that exceeded their budget. They wanted to rebuild a system with us because of our expertise and we were cost-effective.

Testing stalled the project at first, but we were able to solve that when we automated the testing process. The client also struggled with their old reporting system, so we also automated reporting.

Another challenge we faced was removing the clutter and the amount of paper that the transactions produced. To solve this problem, we created a solution that routed paperwork to the appropriate areas.

In the end, we were able to fill the gaps in the client’s work — they didn’t have the in-house expertise, so we came in and partnered them. The client has also been happy with the affordability of our services.

“What stands out is their cost. They’re affordable.” — Executive, EBRM

In this ongoing partnership, we make sure the client receives the best of outsourced software development services. They have access to great talent and the latest tech, focus on business, and cost-effectiveness.

We’re proud of what we’ve done for the client, but we’re also amazed by the confidence they have in us. Check out our Clutch page to read their full 5-star review.

Another review is also up on the page for the project we’ve done for a startup firm that needed design enhancement and integration features.

More Recognition for Intellisys Technology

Thanks to the feedback of our satisfied clients, we’ve also made it to other ranking platforms.

We’re one of the top 70 software development companies in Chicago, as reported by The Manifest, Clutch’s sister website.

Intellisys Technology is a global provider of  IT services and solutions, and we offer high-quality and cost-effective solutions to companies around the world. We’re ready to take on any projects you have.

Feel free to reach out! Contact us via phone at (630) 928 1111 or email us at

FeaturedIntellisys Technology

Intellisys has an impressive track record working with Property Management and Accounting, for owners/operators of Multifamily, Single Family, Commercial/Retail, Affordable Housing, Public Housing, Student Housing and Property Management companies. Our teams fully understand the nuances of servicing the needs of real estate companies by focusing our expertise on real-time task management. We enable you to:

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  • Reduce cost and increase reven犀利士 ue
  • Re-engineer processes and adopt leading technology solutions
  • Improve quality and control by reducing challenges related to regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Enhance scalability and flexibility
  • Reduce operational expenses and increase capital efficiency

Intellisys property management services offer the value that extends well beyond cost arbitrage, improving quality and productivity through efficient process enhancement.