There is no such thing as an Island when you Outsource

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Recently, I came across an outsourcing engagement in a company run by my friend. He was narrating the story and I felt compelled to share with all of you as it opened up an important part of the outsourcing success ingredient. One of the metaphors we always use is ‘it is not a boxing match between the two teams that are located in two corners of the world’. Once you feel this way, the engagement is doomed for failure. Let us come back to this story.

My friend’s company got engaged with a client for doing some of the back-office tasks. The client must have researched enough and was putting in lot of efforts on preparing the ‘blue book’ as they call it. This ‘blue book’ is also sort of a bible for the remote team to follow once they begin the project. The client therefore spent enormous amount of time on two tasks-  one to identify a task that was deemed as a stand-alone (island) and therefore could be sent to the remote team. Second, they took pains to list out the steps in carrying out this stand-alone task.

As you may have guessed, the project began very well. The remote teams even were able to suggest improvements to the ‘blue book’ as they went along. Thru’ out the weekly cycle (the first task was to work on transactions that occur on a weekly basis), the remote team hardly had to discuss/engage with the project sponsor. What happened to the onsite team that was doing this task until now? Where are they?  The remote team had no clue and had probably talked to them once during the kick-off.

Story looks really rosy – this is how an outsourcing should work – auto-pilot almost?

Nah, the disaster came in after 3 months of transition. Why? The stakeholders of the task were blindsided totally during the weekly cycle. Any challenges that they faced, they had no clue to respond to the field /vendors. There was no problem with the remote team’s quality or timeliness. What was missing was the bonding between the onsite and the remote teams. The project manager or what we call SPOC (Single Point of Contact) from the client side did her job perfectly (Blue book, shared folders, access credentials, work allocation etc). However, she did not involve the original team mates all thru’ the process /weekly cycle.

What we learn from the above experience is that there is no such thing as

  1. Stand-alone (Island) tasks in outsourcing.
  2. Teams must meld together from the beginning and must avoid the boxing match syndrome.

We always recommend taking baby steps however nothing must be done in isolation.

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FeaturedIntellisys Technology

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Intellisys has an impressive track record working with Property Management and Accounting, for owners/operators of Multifamily, Single Family, Commercial/Retail, Affordable Housing, Public Housing, Student Housing and Property Management companies. Our teams fully understand the nuances of servicing the needs of real estate companies by focusing our expertise on real-time task management. We enable you to:

  • Build competitive advantage from superior processes
  • Reduce cost and increase revenue
  • Re-engineer processes and adopt leading technology solutions
  • Improve quality and control by reducing challenges related to regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Enhance scalability and flexibility
  • Reduce operational expenses and increase capital efficiency

Intellisys property management services offer the value that extends well beyond cost arbitrage, improving quality and productivity through efficient process enhancement.

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Setting up Critical Date notifications in Yardi

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In every business, there are bound to be Due Dates for all the activities that we perform, some would be recurring while others are not. Its humanely impossible for any individual to remember all these Dates and it would be even more worrisome if the activity involves reminding another person like Tenant, Vendor, Property Manager, etc. To overcome this unproductive task, most of the software applications have in-built calendar reminders functionality & Yardi is not an exception. In this Blog, various hurdles are categorically explained under 4 broad steps that are involved in setting up the Critical date reminders.

Step 1: Save the Input Data

When managing a property, there would be many activities for which reminders can be set like Insurance, Utilities, Taxes, Repairs & Maintenance, Mortgage payments, so on & so forth. Most of these activities have fields available in Yardi by default but some may not. Not to worry, we can assist you by creating Custom Tables for such activities.

Step 2: Setup Email Templates

Every Email Template consists of multiple sections like Subject line, Header, Footer, CC, Body of mail, etc., any other regular email. Additionally, in Yardi, we have to setup few other elements like Tags, Tokens, Object Types being the most primary of them. Tags are inserted in an Email template to auto-populate details whenever an email is triggered. These Tags must be linked to Tokens (Tags in machine language), most of the Tokens are available by default in Yardi but if any Token as per need is missing, then we can assist you by writing SQL scripts to make them available. Object types are used to categorize the Tokens. Internal management email IDs can be saved in CC of the email template to receive a copy of all the emails that are triggered to Tenants.

Step 3: Setup Notifications    

After Email templates are setup, we move forward to set up periodic Frequency & Roles. Frequency must be set up for the emails to trigger Before, After, or On the Due date based on our need. Roles are then selected to capture the email ID of the recipient(s) saved under a specific Lease or Property. At this stage, we can checkmark “On Hold” checkbox that is available & performs a test run to make sure we are on the right track. 

Step 4: Setup Schedulers 

As a final step in setting up the Critical dates, we need to setup Schedulers. This is done based on the time slot that is available after reviewing to make sure that there is no clash with any other schedule in Yardi.  

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